Designer Ilka Brand

Ilka BrandMy passion for accessory design began while I was studying fashion design in Milan. Ever since I started my own brand in 2008 it was my vision to design bags and cases for laptops and phones that have the timeless and elegant feeling of a beautiful leather handbag.

My Design is always based on a combination of functionality, a clear fitted silhouette and elegance. The bags work as protection as well as fashionable accessories on their own.

We carry our laptops and phones around everyday, so why not carry them with style?

For me, leather is the most beautiful organic material. When I created the first collection for Lapàporter, there was no doubt that I wanted to work with leather. I love the way it changes as you use it, how it ages with grace. It tells a story no synthetic material can, it tells its own story.

The texture of the leather inspires me, it must always be soft to touch. The luxurious feel of lambs leather, or the casual touch of suede. The material complements the design, making it both timeless and durable enough to last a lifetime. All products are handmade with great care in my Berlin based studio.

I have never imagined working as anything but a designer. I love the creativity of Berlin, how it is always reinventing itself. It gives me inspiration for my work and it also gives me space to breath. Having my own label gives me the freedom to do what I love every day.

I’m very happy about your comments and feedback, have fun browsing the online store!

Ilka Brand